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HHS Commando Spring Craft Fair

This weekend I was a vendor at the Commando Spring Craft Fair at Hendersonville High School. I had a 10x10 booth in the hallway of the school (in front of the Taylor Swift Auditorium). They let everyone setup the night before, which made the morning of a lot less stressful.

All packed up and ready to go

I got to use my fancy new checkout stand and rolling cart, both helped out tremendously. My hats and scarves are out-of-season, but I brought them anyway because they look so darn cute on my hat stands. I am super happy with how my display looked, and think it's my best one yet. I took a lot of photos/videos.

There was steady foot traffic all day, and my market bags sold the best, as well as cup sleeves, scrunchies, and keychains. I gave out lots of cards, met a lot of people, and got good feedback and info from both customers and other vendors.

I don't plan on doing any other craft fairs over the spring/summer, but have two scheduled for the fall/winter. In the meantime I'm going to keep making things and stocking up for those events and for holiday Etsy orders.


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