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HHS Christmas Craft Fair

On Saturday I was a vendor at the Hendersonville High School Christmas Craft Fair. I did this event last spring as well, and it was fantastic -- well organized with a lot of traffic and repeat vendors.

I was in the same spot this time around, in the hallway outside the auditorium. I learned last time that people are hesitant to walk inside a booth, so I pushed everything forward so that people could see my items as they walked by.

Even though it was rainy outside, people came and shopped and this was my most successful event to-date. I sold a lot of hats, headbands, keychains, towels and cup sleeves. I also sold a few scarves and market bags. I brought some yarn with me and made several cat hats throughout the day.

I decided to not participate in this event in the spring, since that's not really my prime season, but I hope to snag a spot to be a vendor again next Christmas.


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