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DIY Checkout Stand

At my last market, the people in the tent beside me had a checkout stand made from stacked crates. I thought that was a much better setup than my current method of sitting in a chair and balancing the cashbox, Square reader and phone on my lap. But... I didn't think I could fit anymore crates into my car (I already have six).

Then I saw this foldable version and asked my husband if he would build something similar. He likes to do woodworking as a hobby, and he did an amazing job on my checkout stand!

I wanted it to be lightweight, so he used cedar fence posts. The front measures 2' wide and 3' tall. The sides are 1' wide and are attached using hinges. He sanded and sealed the top so that it doesn't snag any of my knitwear, and it just sits on top and has rails to keep it from sliding out of place.

I added a hook to hang shopping bags on the side, and he made a shelf that sits inside for my cashbox and other things. It is so snazzy!

It also folds up flat and is easy to transport and fit into my car.

For now I draped a vinyl banner over the front, but he is going to try to make a circular sign with my logo routed into wood.


Oct 01, 2023

Hello! If possible, do you have plans for your booth to share? Or maybe more pictures?Thank you!

All The Crafty Things
All The Crafty Things
Oct 01, 2023
Replying to

I have pics/video of past booths on my Instagram (@allthecraftythings)

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