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Craft Fair Setup

I'm participating in two markets this spring and have been working hard to improve the look of my display and to make my handmade items look more cohesive. I setup a mock display in my living room and it is starting to come together nicely!

I got a lot of inspiration and ideas from and

My tablecloths, signage, crates, etc. are neutral so that my products stand out. I've slowly accumulated market supplies over the years, including tables, tablecloths, wooden crates, hat display stands, and misc garment racks. I recently got a spinning keychain rack, a mug tree to hang scrunchies on, and a beautiful canvas banner. I also borrow things my house like baskets, stools, mirrors and letterboards.

Here is an Amazon list of my favorite market display items (affiliate link)

As much as I love buying yarn in all the colors, I limited my color palette so that everything mixes and matches better. For the spring I'm using a lot of pink, and for the fall I will mix in more orange and mustard.


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