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Amigurumi Kits

The Artisan Hatchery asked me to create some kits for crocheting cute little amigurumi plushies. I don't enjoy making plushies, and mainly just do so for my kids. But I do like to create patterns and it was fun to put together these kits. Plus I only had to create one plushie for each kit.

I created a bumblebee first using Premier Parfait Chunky chenille yarn. I think he turned out adorable! Then I made him a froggy friend.

I wrote out each pattern and made it into a little booklet, then measured out how much yarn I used in each color. I put together a kit that includes the pattern booklet, yarn, a crochet hook, tapestry needle, safety eyes, stitch marker, embroidery floss, and stuffing.

My teenage daughter loaned me her graphic design skills for the label and the booklet. I made 6 kits total and will see how well they do at the store. If they are popular then I may create some other creatures, maybe an octopus next.


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