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Crocheted Cocoon Cardigan

I have two beach trips planned this year, and wanted to make myself a cotton wrap/cardigan that I can wear over a sundress or use as a swimsuit coverup. I love making granny squares, and found this easy (and cute!) pattern called the Movie Night Cocoon Cardi by Two of Wands.

I wanted mine to be lightweight so I used Lion Brand Oh Baby Cotton Yarn in tan. It's a #2 weight yarn, but I used a 5.5mm crochet hook so that it would drape well.

You basically just make a giant granny square (40" across) and then seam it up to make the sleeves. I started on it last weekend while watching TV with my family. Once you get going, it's one of those patterns that you can work on without really looking or having to count.

You just keep crocheting around and around until your square is big enough. I tried it on a couple times towards the end to make sure it was the size I wanted. I ended up using 8 skeins (50g each) of yarn.

This weekend I seamed it up and made the cuffs. Voila!

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