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Embroidery Machine

15 years ago when my daughter was a baby, I got a Brother PE-770 embroidery machine so that I could put her monogram and initials onto things.

This spiraled into making things for my friends' babies, learning to do appliques, making up my own designs, and starting an Etsy shop and embroidery business.

It was a great little side gig while my kids were little. Eventually they got older and I became burned out from doing so much custom embroidery. I closed that shop and took up crochet/knitting, which is a lot quieter hobby than the clacky embroidery machine.

I still have that machine though, and use it occasionally to make gifts for friends and family and quirky dish towels to sell at markets.

This weekend while I was sewing, the metal foot suddenly broke in half! My machine is discontinued, but I was able to order a replacement foot. It lives to sew another day!


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