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DIY Foam Hat Stand

A few years ago I decoupaged a foam head to make a stand to display my knitted hats for photos and at craft fairs. I have used it a lot and decided to make another matching one.

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Here are the materials that I used:

I ripped a few pages out of the book and cut them into small squares, then adhered them to the head with the foam brush and Mod Podge. I let each layer dry before adding another, and I smoothed the papers down periodically.

After the head was completely covered with paper, I smoothed everything down one last time and then applied a couple more coats of Mod Podge. I may end up adding a few more throughout the week to make sure that my hats don't get snagged on any rough corners.

It makes a unique and lightweight hat stand. Instead of a book you could also use old sheet music, newspapers, scrapbook paper, etc. The first time I did this I used an old paperback dictionary.


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