Last weekend I participated in the March Hendersonville Handmade Market. This is the first craft fair that I've done in a while. I don't usually do outdoor events because the weather is unpredictable and it is a hassle to setup a tent. But I'd heard good things from other vendors about this event, so I took a gamble and signed up. Fortunately the weather on Saturday was beautiful and my awesome husband helped me transport everything and setup the tent.

It was chilly that morning, so I went ahead and brought hats and scarves with me, along with springtime items like market bags, keychains, scrunchies, towels, coffee cup sleeves, and owls. I tried to display the pastel colors more prominently for spring. My DIY hat stands turned out super cute.

I had a steady stream of visitors to my tent all day, and sold some items from every category, which is good for a springtime event -- fall and winter are my "prime time" when people are looking to buy knitwear and holiday gifts. I was well-stocked and still have plenty of inventory to take to my next market in a few weeks.

The people in the tent next to mine make pottery, and they had a little checkout stand built from crates. I thought that was a great idea, as opposed to my method of sitting in a chair trying to balance my cash box, card reader and phone on my lap. My husband offered to build me a checkout stand that folds up and is easy to transport. I'll write a post about that soon.